Portland Media Partners

In 2017 Michael Lansing left a sales career at Portland’s Entercom Radio group to start Portland Media Partners. Working in radio and event marketing was great, but over time, selling radio commercials for only one media group seemed to be limiting for his clients. A good media mix often requires more than one radio group. Television spots, billboards or streaming radio campaigns with Pandora or Spotify may be the best solution for a particular client or campaign.

Partnering with Royle Media allows Michael to provide media services that go well beyond radio, television and outdoor advertising. This partnership allows Michael to offer state of the art digital advertising, custom landing pages, web design, SEO and other web services. His expertise also includes working with specialists in voice, video and copywriting. Aligning the right voice with the right campaign mix is a key to rising above the noise.

Onsite Promotions

Portland’s local radio groups provide excellent support for onsite promotions. Michael’s experience with radio and street teams now combines with the efficiency and effectiveness of modern social media tools. This combination can drive attendance, increase brand awareness and create online engagement. This kind of promotion combination is hard to beat.

Meet Mike

Michael Lansing was raised in Portland and has really enjoyed his career in radio. Many of his friends from college and high school are business people living in the same community. These deep roots create context when it comes to designing meaningful and effective local campaigns.

Our Ideal Client

The ideal client for Portland Media Partners is a busy, local business owner who needs professional help with their advertising and marketing, both strategy and execution. Some clients already have marketing directors that understand media, but do not have the bandwidth to effectively research and purchase radio, television, outdoor or digital media schedules. Call Mike at (503) 381-0707. Phone calls and client meets are complimentary!